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INFINITASDM | Logo, Branding, Web, Print, App Design, Digital Ads

InfinitasDM is a Tabletop RPG campaign app that I designed, funded on Kickstarter, created, and published on Steam, iOS, and Android.


I created all of the content made for the Kickstarter campaign (graphics/images, video, copywriting, voice over, advertising, reward t-shirts and fulfillment, mailer template, etc) as well as the InfinitasDM Website and all ongoing promotional materials. I also created the design of the app, from wire frame to final graphical assets - all UI / UX design, and final engine integration within Unity3d. I also managed the programmer contracted for all of the project's code creation.

Atom Switch, Inc.  |  Logo, Branding, Web, Print

Atom Switch is my own brand, the continuation and growth of my freelancing business that I incorporated in 2013. I created the company's logo and visual identity with a long time love of retro-futurism as my inspiration.


The content I've created under this brand has run the gamut - the ASI Website, digital and print work, t-shirt and work shirt designs, email campaigns, Kickstarter graphics, and even public facing copy are all works I've been responsible for with the Atom Switch brand. Mugs and coaster test prints were provided by Darc Red using my own custom tailored artwork.

Norse Mjöd  |  Logos, Branding, Packaging

Norse Mjöd is a fictional brand that I created in honor of my first efforts at mead making. Each flavor of mead has a unique personality that I tried to match and represent within the individual label designs.


With a flavor profile favoring the drinks Viking origins rather than sweeter "honey wines" that have become popular on the market, I wanted to emphasize that connection with bold, masculine names and designs. Taking inspiration from traditional Viking artwork, old-world terminology and folklore, and modern wordplay, I created each label as a tribute to the ingredients that inspired them.

Dan Sandberg | Atom Switch, Inc.