Artist,  Designer,  Developer

Atom Switch, Inc.

Atom Switch is my own brand, the continuation and growth of my freelancing business that I incorporated in 2013. I created the company's logo and visual identity with a long time love of retro-futurism as my inspiration.


The content I've created under this brand has ranged from web work, digital and print work, t-shirt and work shirt designs, email campaigns, Kickstarter graphics, and public-facing copy.


I was brought on board to provide print experience, create ads (print and web), marketing materials, infographics, and other promotional assets during transitional period where client was preparing for a more public focus on their product.


Additionally, I managed print orders, vectorized existing branding materials, and expanded upon existing brand-identity and branding guidelines to better equip the client for future autonomy.

Proxima App

An app I designed for a large enterprise-scale self-service platform.


The design features several core access points including a hub page, messaging, banking, profile, and wellness pages.

Norse Mjod

A brand that I created for the small-batch hand crafted mead that I make. Each flavor of mead has a unique personality that I wanted to match and represent within the individual label designs.


With a drier, less sweet flavor profile, I wanted to emphasize that connection with aggressive, masculine designs. Taking inspiration from traditional Viking artwork, old-world terminology and folklore, and modern wordplay, I created each label as a tribute to the ingredients that inspired them.


North Stack

I was tasked with creating illustrations and page icons for Pagely's new product North Stack.


Instructed to illustrate a product that is "serverless," but at the same time still rooted in hosting technology, it was an interesting challenge bridging the gap between recognizable hosting imagery while avoiding 'cloud' and other mainline themes.


TRIPP is a relaxation app for VR, by the company of the same name. I worked on both the VR UI and the design of the companion app.


I was responsible for App design, UX/UI (mobile, desktop, VR), logo and branding (colors, logo expansion and re-working).


InfinitasDM is a Tabletop RPG campaign app that I designed, funded, developed, and published.


I created all content for the Kickstarter campaign (graphics/images, video, copywriting, voice over, advertising, reward t-shirts and fulfillment, mailer template, etc), the InfinitasDM website, and all ongoing promotional materials. I designed the app from wire frame to final graphical assets within Unity3d. I also managed the programmer contracted to program the app.

Design Projects

A collection of larger projects and ongoing design efforts

Dan Sandberg | Atom Switch, Inc.